ICOM IC-821H X-Band mod


On this page is the x-band (crossband) repeater mod discribed for the ICOM IC-821h allmode dualband tranciever with photo's

I have not done this mod myselve (yet) the schematics come from ICOM europe and the mod has been tested by Wolfgang DJ9JY.


You need to locate the row of diodes on the display board, for that You need to remove top and bottom covers of the 821 (discribed in Your owners manual on page 50 and remove two screws witch hold the front of the 821 and turn the 2 other screws 1/4 loose so You can pull the front towards You (about 5cm)

Now You have to solder a diod in to the space reserved for D108.(1ss355) You can use one of the diods you have removed (d101-d107)

As far as I know D108 is never in place as it leaves the factory. 

 If this is Your first attempt to solder annything I would suggest to leave it untill You have alot of practice


In this drawing You see were D108 should be placed

This is a colour photo were the diodes can be found , D108 is on the left, D101 is on the right


After soldering D108 into place you will have to do the following to get the x-band repeater to work:

1: Turn ON the power switch.

2: Set the both band desire frequency at dial

3: Set [LOCK] function (see instruction manual)

4: Turn OFF the the power switch

5: Push [M/S] key and turn on power switch.

6: You can stop pushing the [M/S] key now (LOL)

This enabels the x-band repeater


To disable the x-band repeater just push [LOCK] to release lock function.


Well this should make things verry easy for You, If there are anny problems or suggestions pse e-mail me: