TS790 SSB Power Up


You may have noticed that the SSB power of Your Kenwood TS790 is about 10 Watt less than the FM power.

The reason for this is unknown to me especialy because a transceiver gets less hot in SSB mode.


There is a simpel mod to get the same outputt power on SSB (45 Watt)

Trie to work ESD (anti static safe) and if something goes wrong don't blame me ;-)

Near the ALC board is a jumper that looks like a diode but in fact is just a 0 ohm resistor, You can find the alc board when you remove the outside covers and putt the transceiver upside down, look left/front, You will find the SSB power down as shown in the picture.

Just reconnect it and You will have 10 Watt more PEP power on SSB

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